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The Saltgrass Band originated in the early 1980’s. This regional band has performed in many different venues including television and radio. They have traveled in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma playing bluegrass music. The deep roots of traditional bluegrass are imbedded in every show. The band also adds contemporary bluegrass as well as some bluegrass gospel. They want to keep it fresh and exciting and appeal to every bluegrass listener.

The current members are;


Jimmy Fischer-banjo/guitar/vocals


John Brockett-guitar/vocals


Timmy Fischer-mandolin/vocals


Jim Lowery-bass/vocals


Don Eggers-dobro


These guys have picked bluegrass for many years, with other groups and many jam sessions lasting till the early hours of the morning. If one was to combine the number of years these men have played music, it would be over 100 years


We are very excited to have Don Eggers in the band. He was an original member of Saltgrass when the group was first organized. His Dobro has fit right in with the group and it is a joy to have him back. Check out his bio in the site.


Jimmy continues to write a few songs and picks the banjo with a style which identifies the Saltgrass sound. Have heard a lot of compliments about Jimmy's banjo picking, some of the ones I remember the most are; that he plays the banjo like a well oiled machine, another comment was his right thumb was just like a hammer, I wonder how many banjos he has worn out, when Jimmy puts his banjo in the case after a show, his banjo is breathing hard. That my friend is what I call a Great Banjo Picker!


John’s guitar playing is another key factor in creating the Saltgrass sound. It is bold and full and helps drive the band. Doing a lot of the lead and tenor singing for the band, John has a vocal range that is out of this world. He can come from a bass note to a note that is higher than a siren. Don't believe me, watch the rest of the guys in the band squint when he hits one of those high notes, sometime you can see them reaching for their ear monitors so they can pull them out of their ears!


Timmy plays the mandolin and contributes to the sound with a crisp chop or a tasteful break. Not only is he a good mandolin picker he also has become a great lead singer for the band. Timmy is always looking for new materal for the band and works hard to try to figure out the parts of a song. Most of the time when their not on stage, you can find Timmy in a jam session somewhere in the park. Great Talent!


Jim plays the bass. He keeps the beat which is steady as a rock. Not only is Jim a good bass player he is also a pretty good banjo picker. Often he and Jimmy will swap instruments and let Jim shine on the banjo. He often arranges some of the material for the band and also keeps up with the cd sales for the band. Jim does all the booking of hotel rooms for the band when they are out on the road.


Saltgrass has made many friends through the years and we know that’s the reason we continue to play bluegrass shows. Thanks to our many friends and supporters. We look forward to seeing you soon. Our favorite saying is, it doesn't matter whether there are 10 people or a 1000 people at one of our shows. As long as we can make one person smile and have a good time, we've done our job!


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