The Saltgrass Band

Jimmy Fischer

Jimmy started playing guitar when he was 5 years old. His dad the late K.E. "Yankee" Fischer showed him three cords on the guitar and Jimmy taught himself from there. He would sit in his bedroom after school playing his guitar. Jimmy credits his Mom and Dad for where his musical career has taken him today. Jimmy's Mom would make sure that her kids would be in church every time the door was opened. There on the front row of the church would be Jimmy & Timmy with their guitars. Every now and then they would get up in front of the church and sing a song.

 When Jimmy was in intermediate school he was in the school band. He was playing trombone, his Dad came to him and told him he would back him in whatever he wanted to do. Jimmy was first chair in the school band, his Dad told him he could play the trombone or if he wanted to play the guitar, that he (his Dad) would buy him any guitar he wanted. Jimmy watching his Dad play guitar in a bluegrass band decided he wanted to follow in his Dad's footsteps and chose the guitar. His first good guitar was a Yamaha FG-160, he was so proud of that guitar. He now owns several Martin Guitars including his Dad's 1978 D-41 Martin.

When Jimmy was 11, he decided he wanted to learn to play the banjo. Glen Tate found out about that and loaned Jimmy an RB-250 Gibson. Again after school every day Jimmy would be in his bedroom strumming on his banjo. One afternoon Jimmy was sitting there strumming his banjo with a flat pick when the door to his bedroom opened, standing there was his Dad and in his hand he had a set of finger picks and tossed them on the bed and he told Jimmy, if you're going to play that banjo then learn to play it right. It wasn't long after that he was playing in the same band with his Dad, The Brazoria County Bluegrass Band.

In 1982 Jimmy came in 3rd place in the banjo contest in Hugo Oklahoma.

Jimmy's Dad passed away in 1982 and Jimmy continued on with the band until around 1984. George Hanson with The Saltgrass Band gave Jimmy a call and wanted to know if he could sit in with them and play banjo for a show they had coming up. Jimmy had always liked The Saltgrass Band and told  George "Heck" yeah! Well things seemed to click just right and Jimmy continues to play banjo for The Saltgrass Band today.

In 1987 in Glen Rose, Texas Jimmy won 1st place in the flat-top guitar picking contest, he also won 1st place in the banjo picking contest and along with the original Saltgrass Band; Dick Joiner, George Hanson, Larry Brockett and Jimmy they took home the 1st place trophy in the all around bluegrass band contest!

Jimmy has always tried to encourage up and coming banjo pickers, he always says if you want to learn to play the banjo you can. I did!

Jimmy received an endorsement from Deering Banjo in 2004 and plays and promotes The Deering Golden Classic Banjo.

The Saltgrass Band with Jimmy playing Banjo has opened for Ricky Skaggs, Billy Joe Royal, Frenchie Burke, Steve Warner, and other top acts.

Jimmy had the pleasure playing banjo for Cubby Wise on 3 shows, Chubby made the comment, Jimmy you play that banjo just like Earl. He was referring to the Great Earl Scruggs. What a compliment!

The Saltgrass Band with Jimmy has shared the stage with every known bluegrass band including, The Osborne Brothers, Ralph Stanley, Mac Wiseman, Jim & Jesse McReynolds, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Lewis Family, Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys, Melvin Goins & Windy Mountain, Alan Bibey, The Lonesome River Band, Bluegrass Cardinals.

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