The Saltgrass Band

Picture Gallery


The Saltgrass Band at The Spring Creek Bluegrass Show. Coushatte Ranch Belville, Texas. We play here every 4th Saturday of the month when we are not out on the road. 


The Saltgrass Band in Wheelock Texas. We had a  really good time at Sue Rogers Bluegrass Show 

Jimmy getting a banjo lesson from Camp Neff at the bluegrass show in Wheelock 

Timmy, Jim, John & Jimmy 

Take a guess who is the oldest in the band? 

The  Saltgrass Band at the Masonic Oak Park in Brazoria, Texas

The Saltgrass Band in Hugo, Oklahoma

Grants Early Bird Bluegrass Show 

This was our last night to play in West Columbia, Texas. This poster was made for the band and signed by some of our fans for our 30 years of playing bluegrass music in Brazoria County! 

The Saltgrass Band  

McAlester, Oklahoma

John & Jim

Freeport, Texas 


Notice the banner in the background!

Jim Lowery's Parents

The late Lilly & Willard Lowery 

The Saltgrass Band

Bay Area Bluegrass Show 

The Saltgrass Band with Floyd Salmon owner of Salmon Lake Park Grapeland, Texas. 9/5/2010 

The Saltgrass Band now has two sets of twins. Timmy & Jimmy and Jim & Jack!!! 

Don, where in the world did you find this beauty?  

Sammy Shelor, The Lonesome River Band's banjo player & Jimmy Fischer at Glen Rose Texas. Oct. 2, 2010

The Saltgrass Band at Spring Creek Bluegrass Festival October 2010 

The guys taking it easy before the show. 

Timmy & Jimmy getting ready to do some serious picking! Looks like one of them is shriking as the years go bye. 


I don't know what Jim's looking at. But it appears he found the person with the camera. 


Don taking a break behind the stage at the Old Mobitte Jail Bluegrass Festival. I'm not real sure where he found the hat??  We just call him "Cool Cat" Eggers! Don has fun whether he is on stage or just hanging around! 

Here is Jimmy playing banjo in the early 80's with The Saltgrass Band.

Members L-R Jimmy Fischer, Dick Joiner, Phil Rosenbaum, Danny Fergurson, George Hanson 

Don Eggers playing Dobro in 1981 With The Saltgrass Band at Grand Ol' Opry. 

                 Don Eggers 1981 Grand Ol' Opry. 

Saltgrass early 80's 

Front L-R   Phil Rosenbaum  George Hanson

Rear L-R    Jimmy Fischer  Don Eggers  Dick Joiner

The late K.E. "Yankee" Fischer

This is the man who got bluegrass music started on the Gulf Coast

Jimmy & Timmy's dad 

Timmy & Jimmy

The Saltgrass Band 

My Hero!

Andy Fischer clowning around with his dad's new banjo !

Clinton Caroon 

He played Mandolin for the band for years. He is now retired from the band and he is doing good!

Jim, John & Clinton at the Cd table 

John Brockett's Parents

Carolyn & Buddy Brockett 

Uncle Jim, I have really missed you!! 

Uncle Jim, where are you running off to? Can I go with you, I just love my uncle Jim. 

Boy you two still have it! I don't know what you have, but you still have it. 

The Saltgrass CD Booth at Spring Creek Bluegrass Festival 

Jimmy picking his banjo for the kids at The First United Methodist Church 

Jimmy and John hiding in the closet, no there not they are setting the sound. 

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